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Bio Bilal Hassani, born on September 9, in Paris is a French singer and songwriter and video maker who made himself known through his videos and music on his YouTube channel. He is of Moroccan origin and his father lives in Singapore.

Bio Bilal Hassani, born on September 9, in Paris is a French singer and songwriter and video maker who made himself known through his videos and music on his YouTube channel.

He is of Moroccan origin and his father lives in Singapore. Bilal started singing at the age of 5 in front of his family and later began taking singing lessons. In invited by his friend Nemo Schiffman, finalist of the first season, Bilal Hassani participates in the second season of The Voice Kids. He joined the team of Patrick Fiori, the French participant in Eurovision in On the he publishes the colorful chronicles of his daily life, but also cover version, including "Djadja" by Aya Nakamura and "Made for now" by Janet Jackson, who have received the strongest approvals of the original singers.

I was very fond of Disney princesses, especially Pocahontas. Her hyper-long hair fascinated me, I seriously wanted to have the same.

Now I have long hair most of the time thanks to a wig. I try to be as sunny as possible, to always be very positive". Throughout the he was victim of cyberstalking, racist and homophobic attacks and received death threats. The associations Urgence Homophobie and Stop Homophobie joined forces to bring to justice every person who has insulted, discriminated against or threatened Bilal Hassani on social networks.

It started when I changed my look. Most of the time my environment takes care of me and makes sure I do not pay too much attention to these things. I have applications that filter most of these comments, so I see almost nothing. This track is close to me, faithful to my musical tastes since my childhood. It was born from a sample that Jean-Karl played on the piano.

It inspired me to a melody, then a message, about self-acceptance. Emilie helped me with the lyrics. We did this song very quickly, in six or seven hours.

Сегодня мой отзыв о книге "Кривой домишко" - Агата Кристи, это одно из лучших ее произведений. Очень люблю сюжеты в закрытом"Кривой домишко"- это очень интересное и необычное для Агаты Кристи произведение, ведь главный герой вовсе не Эркюль. Читать дальше...

Deadline to submit entries has been set on 30 November. Complete regulations are available here. We want to make it rise in power and the main move is to the completely live broadcasts. This will allow the public to invest more in the show. And the goal of "Destination Eurovision" is to help publicize the song and create a positive dynamic for Eurovision in its French broadcast.

Submitted entries should follow main Eurovision rules and not be made commercially available prior to the competition. Singers should be at least 16 years of age on January 1, No nationality restrictions are enforced, but performers should have the legal authorization to be in France for the shooting of the programs. Composers also can either be national or international, but must be registered with SACEM or any other equivalent collective society.

Applications can be submitted via the FranceTV website. FranceTV reserve the right to select any future candidates to the competition by any other means outside the public call, directly and indirectly.

Over songs have been considered for the preselection. First selection committee has shortlisted 60 of them, and second has chosen 18 acts to compete in the show. Preselection committe involved both new head of the delegation Steven Clerima and ex-HoD Bruno Berberes, among others. Garou remains host of French national preselection show however two of the jury members are replaced.

This year, however, the jury will analyze and share their feelings about the entries in the running but will not vote. Their comments will guide viewers who will be able to vote from the start of the preselection. This time, all Destination Eurovision shows will be broadcast live, so public will be able to vote during semifinals as well.

Their votes will count equally with those of the international jury. In each semifinal of the preselection will perform 9 artists, of which 4 will qualify to the final. With the public, the entries will be evaluated by an international jury of 5 different members in each semifinal and of 10 in the final so in total, 20 countries will be involved. First semifinal will go on air on 12 January, You can read detailed introduction of competing acts at ESCXtra. Steven Clerima has worked in the Entertainment and Music department of France 2 for a number of years as the Program Advisor.

Semifinal 1, 12 January.

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